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June 2017 - Nanotop

Arpa Fenix Nanotop

A new cost effective top available in numerus thickness, with the added advantage of a scratch resistance similar to Granite and Quartz.


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Brochure 2

To find out more click here.

Jan 2017 - Huge Savings

Huge SAVINGS - GetaLit Tailor Made Worktops

We are the only UK Stockist of 5.2m long laminate worktops ready for delivery at: Terry Wilson, Balmoral Road, Northampton

Sold by the length or per 100mm
this gives you Genuine Savings as there is no waste.
So for example:
should you need 4 pieces of worktop
1 - 2100 x 600 x 40
1 - 1450 x 600 x 40
1 - 1750 x 600 x 40
1 - 700   x 600 x 40
In Durapal Std
You would need: 2 - 4.1 
Total = £380.21 inc VAT
In Prima Std
You would need: 1 - 4.1 ** 1-3m
Total = £306.34 inc VAT
In Axiom Std
You would need: 1 - 4.1 ** 1.3m
Total = £301.78 inc VAT
In Egger Std
You would need: 2 - 4.1
Total = £335.42 inc VAT
In Omega Ultramatt
You would need: 1 - 4.1 ** 1-3m
Total = £380.21 inc VAT
In GetaLit
Its Tailor Made
Total = £219.60 inc VAT
N.B. These are R.R.P. so please contact the Sales Office 
for any discounted prices. Our pricing is always
competitive so feel free to call us
for a quote anytime.
FOR PRICES TEL: 01604 718580
Jan 2015

Nuance is designed to be installed without metal trims or extrusions as the core is polyurethane and totally waterproof. Flexible runs using combinations of 600mm and 1200mm T&G panels are finished at open ends with elegant postformed components and bonded in place, jointed and seamed using colour matched moisture curing BB Complete. The resulting finish is neat, elegant and uncluttered by aluminium extrusions.

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Terry Wilson Limited
87-91 &
152 Balmoral Road
Tel: 01604 718580
Mobile: 07708 444355

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