Apollo Quartz – Aesthetics

Colour Variation

Apollo® Quartz is manufactured on a continual processing line. Each mixed batch only produces around 150 – 200 slabs so colour can vary slightly between batches.

Since Apollo® Quartz is manufactured from natural quartz, variations in the colour, shape and pattern of the stone may occur and unique characteristics are to be expected with this product. Such variation does not affect the products performance in any manner. Samples are only a representative and are not an exact replication of what will be installed.

Surface Appearance

In some cases, areas of ‘milkiness’ and swirls can be evident. This could arise from natural variation in the colour of the quartz stone itself, a pigment drip or foreign material.

Plain colours are easier to manufacture but harder to keep uncontaminated during manufacture e.g. light colours may have small dark spots, darker colours may appear patchy with lighter spots.

Pinprick ‘pitting’ of the surface is a common feature of engineered (quartz) stone and arises from release of air / gas during the manufacture process.

Crushed Mirror Flecks

On products containing crushed mirror, the material is vibrated to bring the mirror flecks to the surface and remove any air – it is not possible for all mirror flecks to be facing towards the surface and it is common to find very small air holes in the slabs. The mirror flecks can also become detached creating small voids, these can sometimes be repaired using resin filler.

All above are inherent in the manufacturing process of engineered stone and are not considered defective.